Building Leadership Capabilities
While Real Work Gets Done

Unique Client Benefits.

What if your organization’s leaders had so much conviction in their process for developing leaders that they will be ready to post this sign at office entrances? Here is the unique package of services I’ll bring to my work so you will leave with the right mindset, work process, and leadership development skills to hold that kind of conviction.
toolBenefit 1: The Freedom of Mindset Disturbance…a truth-revealing interactive audience experience that blends speaking and coaching to free up hidden leadership capacity.

toolBenefit 2: The Learning While Working Process…a solution designed to orchestrate a double dose of productivity–build leadership capabilities while real work is getting done.

toolBenefit 3: Maximizing Meeting ROI…An integrated package of services for prework, training design, and follow up that dramatically increase the actionable ideas used when meeting attendees return to their work.

toolBenefit 4: The Sports Performance Lens…a novel perspective for adapting talent development practices from sports teams who employ world-class practice methods and talent development processes that aren’t taught in any business school or corporate university.


Benefit 1: The Freedom of Mindset Disturbance

To achieve elite standards, I begin by help my clients to disturb their current leadership mindset that’s calibrated to produce the kind of choices and effort that produces merely competent performance.

bracketThere is one indelible mindset that cripples take-away value from speeches & seminars, keeping leaders & their teams from achieving elite performance. You hear this mindset every day in a variety of debilitating phrases like:
  • “In this industry, we’re reactive by nature.”
  • “I’m tied up in meetings”
  • “Time caught up with me.”
  • “I’m always playing catch-up.”

We unknowingly interpret ourselves into being out of control or being powerless in the face of daunting circumstances. What choices remain available? The mandate is to get work done by efficient measures like micromanaging, winging-it, multitasking, and getting urgent priorities done before vital ones. So building leadership capabilities becomes a matter of shoe-horning in random acts of training and development which only produces competent leaders, not elite ones.

How will you alter his preordained future?

So the problem isn’t really lack of time. It’s boils down to lack of mindset conducive to elite leadership development. Your leadership team must master a mindset shift that will enable them to seize upon emerging teachable moments and practice opportunities that, if you’re mindful, are there for the taking every work day.

The foundation for my work and for solving this leadership development quandary involves making a mindset shift to…

All there is at work is time to get better… as a leader.

While mindset shifts can be unsettling at first, the eventual byproduct of facing uncomfortable truths is massively expanded freedom. Mindset disturbance frees you up to initiate choices and actions you never considered or ruled out as possibilities. More specifically, my programs contain hard-hitting practical skills and processes to help your team discover:
family-dollar-logoWe hired you to work with our emerging leaders because you get in people’s faces respectfully. You insist on honesty and accountability in a way that people feel safe.
Aaron Holsinger, Director of Talent & Change Management
  • How to design a daily work process so your team builds leadership capabilities in the midst of real work getting done (which means during staff meetings, customer interactions, writing assignments, even during breaks between meetings).
  • How to accomplish more learning and development with your team in a month than most managers do in a year
  • Secrets for achieving productivity on a scale your never dreamed possible
  • How to take accountability for your own leadership development so your plateaus are brief and you keep redefining your upside potential
  • How to offer coaching that disturbs your coachees’ current sense of unreasonable constraints so they interpret them as manageable, flimsy, and even absurd.
  • How to stop over-relying on your primary strengths that have worked in the past but render your future success impossible
  • An easy-to-use translation of the 5 world-class practice regimens of elite athletes and coaches so your leaders build skill-proficiency fast and largely through self-coaching.
Click on the button to see Art coach clients in co-creating mindset disturbances.

Benefit 2: The Learning While Working Process
If a vital but not urgent priority, like leadership development, isn’t ingrained as a habitual way work gets done, then it‘s really a pipe dream. The Learning-While-Working Process alters the habitual cadence of work from being efficiency-driven to deliver unprecedented productivity—simultaneously building leadership capabilities while accomplishing customary operational duties. Instead of your leadership development efforts being suffocated by unrelenting work demands, they become effortless—ingrained as a habit just like the autopilot efficiency measures of multi-tasking, winging-it, and micromanaging.
ingram-micro-logoThe Learning-While-Working Process is the secret sauce all learning professionals want for their company.
Josh White, Vice President of Organizational Development. Ingram Micro Mobility

The rhythm to drive the Learning-While-Working Process comes from the 5Ps. Each of the 5Ps is a trigger that causes people to choose from among a number of time efficient, job-imbedded-development routines:

P1) Prepare calls for an ongoing focus on mastering basic knowledge and skills.

P2) Practice brings attention to abundant practice opportunities available in getting a day’s work done.

P3) Perform demarks game-on situations which demand bringing a second nature skill proficiency to maximize the desired results for the business.

P4) Perfect delivers a systematic protocol for assessing the strengths, weakness, in a just-completed performance plus suggestions for improving.

P5) Publicize invokes a constant reminder to share learning with other parties who can benefit.

The Learning-While-Working Process has undergone field-testing with senior management teams and sales leadership teams over the past six years including companies like Hormel, Blue Bunny, and Cerium Networks.

To assess how your organization operates today in comparison to the standards of the Learning-While-Working Process, download the “Leadership Development Audit”

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wells-logoAfter hearing your creative methods to instill deliberate practice into existing work activities with little additional time required, people realize there are abundant opportunities for continuous improvement. This was our fourth time working with you, and each one gets better, just like your program promises.
Mike Crone, Senior Vice President of Sales, Wells Dairy

Benefit 3: Maximizing Meeting ROI
What if your corporate training seminars and offsite meetings were designed with a systematic followup plan for implementing new actionable ideas back at work? All attendees would leave prepared to handle any hassles that might derail their efforts to make behavior changes back at work. Your meetings would achieve unprecedented return on investment.

What if your trade association’s conference attendees register year after year because they can count on gaining extraordinary ROI?

Westar-Energy-LogoWe will adopt your suggestion to use conference breaks as time for participants to share actionable ideas gleaned from the just-completed session.
Doug Sterbenz, COO, Westar Energy

Imagine your attendees raving to their colleagues about how your conference is designed to raise take-home value? The conference would achieve “can’t-afford-to-miss” status.

How the Maximizing Conference ROI Services Works

Before the Conference: Prework

  • Work Process Audit: To assess an organization’s or industry’s work process to determine whether it is conducive for learning and development.

Benefits from Prework:

  • Audience readiness. Audience members arrive in the meeting room with a deeper sense of organizational needs to address significant areas to improve even before Art gets introduced.
  • In-depth customizing. As a presenter, Art Turock shapes his program content based on intimate knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in the organization’s process for developing leadership talent.

During the conference

Art consults with meeting planners beforehand to incorporate the following measures to increase ROI.

  • Starting on Day 1 of the conference, audience members keep a log of actionable ideas to use back at work.
  • During each break period, audience members share their actionable ideas gained from the just-completed speech, breakout, or panel session.

Art Turock’s Conference Presentation

  • The Learning-While-Working Process. Art’s speech contains a description of his Learning-While-Working process to dramatically increase the number of occasions attendees will practice new behaviors back at work.
  • “This-technique-really-works” endorsement gets imbedded into Art’s program. Three weeks prior to the program, Art conducts a one –hour coaching session with a well-known and well-regarded manager. During Art’s conference presentation, he’s joined on stage by the manager in a brief interview. The manager describes how using insights and strategies gleaned from the coaching session helped to produce a breakthrough performance in the days leading up to the conference.

Unique Interactive Program:

A high energy and provocative speech interspersed with how’s-this-going-to-turn-out coaching exchanges between Art and audience members. Audience members receive individual coaching and small group coaching to clarify their most valuable actionable idea from the conference and to troubleshoot likely obstacles to implementation they’ll face back at work

Video Sample: To view a sampler of this style of audience interaction, go to (Link)

After the Conference: Followup

  • Detailed 15-page implementation guide.
  • Senior executives/meeting planners conference call to determine their next steps to maximize meeting ROI.
  • 1-year phone or e-mail followup program option to get Art’s solutions to challenges in putting actionable ideas into practice back at work.
Click the Download button for full details on Art’s full maximizing ROI package.

Benefit 4: The Sports Performance Lens
As an in-the-field practitioner in both fields-master’s track athlete and elite performance provocateur to business–Art Turock shares dozens of innovations for developing elite talent derived from crossing the boundaries between sports and business. By juxtaposing sports world-class standards for building elite performance with current business practices, enormous room for improvement becomes compelling and urgent.

The constraints and tradeoffs business leaders take for granted as insurmountable aren’t tolerated when sports teams leave nothing to chance in talent development.

No one has practicalized sports’ talent development practices to business realities – until now.

The Learning-While-Working process is a counter-intuitive solution that comes from adapting talent development practices from sports teams, which employ mindset shifts (or mental toughness), world-class practice methods, and elite talent development processes that aren’t taught in any business school or corporate university. When it comes to developing elite performers, sports teams out-think, out-practice, and out-learn their business counterparts.

What if you could cultivate the same three-pronged competitive advantage over your business rivals? Imagine if you could operate like a legendary coach in sports who operates with a sports performance lens which galvanizes these three interlocking roles and capabilities:

1. Mindset master. A leader whose power emanates from the mindset of a champion and who also instills the same mindset in the team.

2. Deliberate practitioner. A leader who arranges practice regimens so team members have short-lived plateaus and keep redefining their upside potential.

3. Orchestrator of elite habits. A leader who designs and executes a work process where everyone (especially upper echelon leaders) builds capabilities while real work still gets done

Iconic coaches in team sports (think of John Wooden, Nick Saban, Pat Riley, Tony LaRussa) use their player developmental process to cultivate habits that produce winning, not for one championship season but for decades.

Sports teams leave nothing to chance in developing elite athletes.

Notice how sports teams collaborate with other disciplines in a relentless commitment to improve performance.

If sports employ a second-to-none talent development process, then it’s the best field for adapting liberating models, mind-expanding beliefs, and novel best practices to develop your team of all-star leaders.

starbucksThis is not a collection of sports analogies. You will learn ingenious ways to adapt sports team’s talent development practices to systematize the art of performing at the highest level.
Jim Donald, Former CEO Starbucks



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